Medieval Kyiv (2.5 or 6 h)

If you are a fan of the Middle Ages and love to listen to bloody (romantic) stories that took place in the dark galleries of gloomy castles, Kyiv is not for you. Sorry…. Medieval period in Kyiv has finished in 1240. The city and the country were destroyed by the army of Mongols in 1240. But one huge cathedral has survived – St. Sophia. It was the biggest and most beautiful in Europe at the time of construction – beginning of the 11 ct. Continue reading

Auto Soviet tour (2 h)

An audio guide in a Soviet retro car (1975) tells you most interesting facts about Soviet Union times and about Kyiv during this period. Mass repressions and famine in 30s, ambitious architectural project in Stalin empire style, life in communal apartments. You get to know why in 30s Kyiv had construction boom, the difference between canteens for workers and for the Communist party members, the reason to be imprisoned, what monument was hung and why. Continue reading

Unforgettable Kyiv (3 h)

This tour is for those who came to Kyiv for the first time and want to know a bit about everything. It can be driving or walking. You will get to know about dramatic events of Euromaidan in 2014, see varied examples of European, Soviet and modern architecture, beautiful golden-domed churches, vast expanses of the Dnipro river and many other. Continue reading

St Sophia cathedral

Old and small place located in the heart of the Old City. The cathedral impresses. Built in 11 ct. in the Byzantium style, decorated with mosaics and frescos it became the biggest and most beautiful construction in 11 ct. Europe. Here in the twilight you can feel spirit of the Middle Ages, grandeur and might of medieval Rus’. Continue reading

Maidan 1990. The Revolution on granite

At the turn of 80s – 90s a wave of ‘velvet’ revolutions rolled through Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. These revolutions caused totalitarian regimes to collapse and the new states chose democracy. Ukraine also began to emerge from its lethargic sleep. Starting from 1987, anti-communists and nationalists rallies began to be started in Ukraine. Struggle for independence began. Continue reading

Victory statue

This young and pretty lady settled down in Kyiv in 1981. The statue is one of the most grandiose monuments of the Soviet époque in Kyiv built for glorification of the war against Nazi Germany. The figure of a woman with a sword and a shield is empty inside; metal skeleton is covered with 1.5 mm stainless steel shields. Continue reading


%d0%ba%d0%b8%d0%b5%d0%b2%d0%b2%d0%b5%d1%874Today the International Confectionery Corporation ROSHEN is strongly associated with the 5th President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Quality of Roshen production is recognized in the world rating. This fact is exclusive for Ukraine – the country known in the world for mostly for its agriculture and raw materials but not for production.  Continue reading