Auto Soviet tour (2 h)

An audio guide in a Soviet retro car (1975) tells you most interesting facts about Soviet Union times and about Kyiv during this period. Mass repressions and famine in 30s, ambitious architectural project in Stalin empire style, life in communal apartments. You get to know why in 30s Kyiv had construction boom, the difference between canteens for workers and for the Communist party members, the reason to be imprisoned, what monument was hung and why. Continue reading

St Sophia cathedral

Old and small place located in the heart of the Old City. The cathedral impresses. Built in 11 ct. in the Byzantium style, decorated with mosaics and frescos it became the biggest and most beautiful construction in 11 ct. Europe. Here in the twilight you can feel spirit of the Middle Ages, grandeur and might of medieval Rus’. Continue reading

Victory statue

This young and pretty lady settled down in Kyiv in 1981. The statue is one of the most grandiose monuments of the Soviet époque in Kyiv built for glorification of the war against Nazi Germany. The figure of a woman with a sword and a shield is empty inside; metal skeleton is covered with 1.5 mm stainless steel shields. Continue reading

Top-5 Kyiv brend meals

Kyiv ‘perepichka’ would scare vegetarians and detox fans. It is simple, 100% not healthy and 100% popular Kyiv meal.  You can buy it in the only place in Kyiv – in a tiny kiosk at the beginning of Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St. A line of ‘perepichka’ admirers marks the place clearly. There is also tea, coffee, and cola/sprite but it tastes like heaven only with tomato juice. So what the ‘perepichka’ is? It is something like large ‘pig in blankets’ or hotdog wrapped in dough and fried in oil. Eat it while it is hot and enjoy! Continue reading