Kyiv’s Dragon

A story

At the foot of the Starokyivs’ka hill where lived rulers of medieval Kyiv is a locality called Kozhumjaky. This name is connected with an epic hero – Mykyta Kozhumjaka or Mykyta the Tanner.The legend takes us to 1000 years back to the times of the most prominent Rus’ princes – Vladimir the Great and Jaroslav the Wise. Multiple epic poems tell us about a combat between Mykyta Kozhumjaka and a dragon – Zmij Gorynych.

The dragon kidnapped a princess, a daughter of the Great prince of Kyiv. Of course, the prince did not like it and asked the Tanner for help. Gorynych was a bit frightened and tried to graft Mykyta offering him to rule the world together. The Tanner insisted to plow the border between their halves of the world and used the dragon as a plowing horse. Until now there are many long wavy hills called ‘Zmijevi valy’ (‘Dragons’ ramparts) south from Kyiv and in the Ukrainian steppes.

When a border furrow was made, Mykyta demanded to divide a sea too. Foolish Zmij Gorynych entered to the sea and drowned there. The end.