Dark Ages

If you are a fan of the DarkAges and love to listen to bloody (romantic) stories that took place in the dark galleries of gloomy castles, Kyiv is not for you.

Sorry…. Medieval period in Kyiv has finished in 1240. The city and the country were destroyed by the army of Mongols in 1240. But one huge cathedral has survived – St. Sophia. It was the biggest and most beautiful in Europe at the time of construction – beginning of the 11 ct. 

During our short walking tour (2.5 h) you will see the Golden Gate that functioned as triumphal entrance to medieval Kyiv, you will visit St. Sophia. It is the best place to feel the Middle Ages in Kyiv, to hear romantic love story about princess Elizabeth and brave Norwegian – Harold Hardrode, to read mysterious inscriptions on the walls, to enjoy  impressive medieval decoration, to get to know about adventures of one skeleton.

The short tour finishes at the place where palaces of Great Princes were built. You will see the hill where legendary founders of Kyiv settled and you will see nearly what inhabitants of the city could see nearly 1000 years ago.

Longer driving tour (6 h) would take you to all the places created in the Middle age in Kyiv or its suburbs. You will visit the former country residence of the royal family – the Savior church at Berestovo where the founder of Moscow – Yuri Dolgoruki was buried. This tour includes visiting of St Sophia cathedral, the Golden Gate, Vydubichi monastery, legendary hills – Kyjevica, Schekavitca and Khorevitca where the first princes of Kyiv settled in the 5th ct., Kirilovska church, the oldest churches at Kyiv’s harbor, and the only place where a visitor can see old ramparts of medieval Kyiv and rests of a fortress. 

Duration: 2.5 or 6 hours

Price: 20 $ per hour for a group (1-10) for a walking tour.

Extra payment: car rent, museum tickets, transport expenses.