Hello dear travelers!!!

Welcome to Kyiv!

We are a group of travelers who like to explore new sites in Ukraine and abroad. We enjoy architecture, nature, unusual tracks, but most of all – people and their stories. Since we often travel ourselves, we wanted to create something for those who visit Kyiv. Yes, there are many other web sites about Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine. Our info is pretty much personalized, it means that we have seen, visited, tasted, and experienced everything or nearly everything we are writing about here.

Since we are writing for travelers, the articles are short and practical. We enjoy to feel atmosphere of the place and that is why here you will find info on where, how and when to feel real and unforgettable Kyiv.

We made this web site mostly to inform visitors about Kyiv’s sites, places, people and stories. However, we also organize guided tours, airport transfers, and hotel booking. Feel free to email, chat, or call us 24/7 with any question. Contact us if you need a guide in German, Polish, Spanish, and French. We can recommend you one of our colleagues.


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