St Sophia cathedral

Old and small place located in the heart of the Old City. The cathedral impresses. Built in 11 ct. in the Byzantium style, decorated with mosaics and frescos it became the biggest and most beautiful construction in 11 ct. Europe. Here in the twilight you can feel spirit of the Middle Ages, grandeur and might of medieval Rus’.

One of the peculiar features are frescos with secular plots in the staircase to the first floor. Depiction of hunting scenes, entertainment, a wedding is rare for sacred constructions.  The cathedral keeps many secrets. One of them is connected to the burial of a Great Prince of Kyiv – Jaroslav the Wise. It is known that he was buried in the cathedral on 21 of February 1054. There is a huge sarcophagus in the left part of the church that considered as Jaroslav’s. However, recent examination has testified that there are no skeleton of Jaroslav but of some woman. The most intriguing is the fact that the skull and the bones most likely belong to different people. But where is Jaroslav?

Today the cathedral is part of the National Preserve “Sophia Kyivs’ka”. During your visit to the preserve, you can climb the 76m high belfry, look at the interiors of the House of Metropolitan, and enjoy frequent in- and outdoor exhibitions there. The cathedral has few plates with explanations in English, but you can ask for an English-speaking guide.