Kyiv catacomb monastery or Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

2011-05-18-20-14-37_061This place has several names – Kyiv catacomb Saint-Dormition monastery, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, or simply Lavra of Kyiv. Old, impressive, and unusual. Even if you are not a religious person or belong to the other faith or confession, do not miss it. Founded in the 11 ct., the monastery became the most important place later on, during the 17-18 ct. Golden-domed churches embellished with moldings and baroque paintings were constructed at that time.

Here you will meet with the best examples of Ukrainian icons, most beautiful paintings, religious vestments etc. However, the biggest attractions are the catacombs (or caves) that originate from 11 ct. They were used by monks for living; then – for the burials. Today people go there for veneration. Visitors can go along the catacombs only holding a candle. Do not forget to put a scarf on your head and wear a long skirt if you are a woman. Visiting the monastery (the catacombs are situated in the monastery part) is free of charge. However, the most beautiful churches and exhibitions are located on the territory of the museum. Guided tours organized by the museum are good. Do not miss the place!