Victory statue

This young and pretty lady settled down in Kyiv in 1981. The statue is one of the most grandiose monuments of the Soviet époque in Kyiv built for glorification of the war against Nazi Germany. The figure of a woman with a sword and a shield is empty inside; metal skeleton is covered with 1.5 mm stainless steel shields. The statue stands in the top of the museum. The exposition is very well done, contains mostly original items.

There are some explanations in English in each hall, but you can ask for English audio-guide or a guide. The museum complex includes tree open-air weaponry exhibitions, an exhibit ‘In the alien wars’, a museum of ATO. Very recommended for the guys, who are in love with war topics! Do not miss a chance to get to a shield of the statue (91 m) and to the observation terrace (36.6 m) with special elevators and see unforgettable panorama of Kyiv.